Management Assessment

T4 has crafted a proprietary assessment methodology that doesn’t come from theory or textbooks. T4’s founder led the human capital function inside a multi-billion dollar fund for 7+ years, which gives T4 a unique inside perspective. This practitioner’s approach comes from experience on the front lines, hiring people and then working with them as part of the team responsible for the success of the investment.

Our methodology is built around a set of leadership competencies developed over 10 years. We believe in continuous improvement and have incorporated input from some of the best and brightest operating partners, investors, boards, management teams and consultants. We deploy a three dimensional, mosaic assessment that questions, tests, verifies and/or disproves a thoughtfully constructed, targeted set of criteria through multiple sources and inputs over an elapsed period of time.

Our referencing and deep-dive background investigation processes are meant to find weaknesses, to question the things we all like about the candidate and to disprove the assumptions. Referencing takes time from a person deeply entrenched in the specific hiring process and is not a box checking exercise. At a minimum, we’ll use it to expose gaps and help our clients better understand and manage their new hire.

The context in which we perform assessments includes new hires, due diligence, performance reviews, leadership development and succession.

The output of our assessment process lends naturally to coaching, development and performance management.